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Leather Office Chair

Leather Information

Leather Information

Top Grain (Cow Top)
This is a top cut of the Leather, but has been sandpapered to remove blemishes of worm, weevil and scores by barbed wired etc... After being sandpapered it is then put through an ironing process and given a chosen grain i.e. Buffalo, Alligator, Cow etc… 

Top Grain (Cow Top) Grade 2
The process if the same as above but specifying a particular grade of leather means you will be paying for a better, higher quality cut.

Split Leather
This is usually the second or third cut of the Leather, and tends to be thick and heavy, with the same process as grain corrected, and is the cheapest of the leathers.Split leather then has an artifical layer applied to the surface of the split and it embossed with a leather grain.

PU Coated Leather
This is split leather, but it is infused with a PU material to give it a smooth and softer touch. 

Polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic polymer, it can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers, the most widely used being phthalates. In this form, it is used in upholstery

Hard PVC
Is the same as above but just a thicker substance.

Polyurethane material.

Model Material
Pinnacle Leather Look PVC
Pavillion armchair PVC
Ziggy Hard PVC
Puma Buffalo Split
Sphinx PU Leather Look
Cougar Leather / Sandwich MeshMarathon
Marathon Leather Cow Leather Top Grade 2
Cheetah Leather Cow Leather Top Grade 2
Panther Leather Cow Leather Top Grade 2
Canasta II Leather Look PU Leather Look
Canasta Visitor PU PU Leather Look
Casino Leather Buffalo Split
Casino Visitor Leather Buffalo Split
Churchill Cow Leather Top Grade 2
Baccarat Cow Leather Top Grade 2
Whist PU Buffalo Split
Keno Leather PU Buffalo Split
Montana Cow Leather Top Grade 2
Nevada Cow Leather Top Grade 2
Colorado Cow Leather Top Grade 2
Sorrento Cow Leather Top
Waterloo Executive Cow Leather Top
Waterloo Conference Cow Leather Top
Waterloo Manager Cow Leather Top
Spritz Visitor PU Leather Look
Spritz Exec PU Leather Look
Mombasa Conference Cow Leather Top
Mombasa Executive Cow Leather Top
St Moritz Conference Cow Leather Top
St Moritz Executive Cow Leather Top
Iceberg leather sofa Cow Leather Top
Iceberg leather armchair Cow Leather Top
Tub sofa PU Leather Look
Tub armchair PU Leather Look


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