Ergonomic Chairs

How is your back today?

The Ergonomic Chair is the most important thing to be considered, while talking about a safe and productive computer workstation. Being an inevitable part of a good workstation, Ergonomic Chair offers essential support to the back, legs, buttocks, and arms, along with reducing exposures to awkward postures, contact stress, and forceful exertions.

An Ergonomic Chair should be highly adjustable, including not just a knob for lowering and raising the chair but adjustability in the back tilt and the height of the arm rests. An Ergonomic Chair should also have a sturdy frame (avoid plastic), a great deal of support, especially in the lumbar region, and padding that has some give and supports your body without losing shape.

The advantages of using a Ergonomic Chair with increased adjustability include ensuring a better fit for the user, providing sufficient support in a variety of sitting postures, and allowing variety of convenient sitting positions throughout the workday.

If more than one person is using the Chair per day, these points have more relevance. Before selecting a particular Chair, try out different Ergonomic Chair and finalize on the one that gives the best support. To ensure that the Ergonomic Chair will provide adequate support, it is important that you try out different chairs before purchasing one.

To create a safe and dynamic workstation, the following parts of the Ergonomic Chair have to be observed in detail before selection.

  • Backrest
  • Seat
  • Armrest
  • Base

The Ergonomic Chair should be adjusted while placing the monitor, keyboard and desk in your workstation.

Ergonomic Chair Guidelines:

  • Ensure that the backrest of your Ergonomics Chair corresponds to the natural curvature of your spine providing enough support to the lumbar region.  Ensure that the seats of your Ergonomic Chairs are comfortable enough to allow your feet to rest flat on the floor or footrest.
  • Ensure that the armrests of your Ergonomic Chair are soft allowing your shoulders to relax and elbows to stay close to your body.
  • Ensure that your Ergonomic Chair has a five-leg base with rollers that allow it to move easily on the floor.