Leather Office Chairs

Enviro-Leather - What is it?

Good for your business - Good for your environment

Quality and innovation for our customers remains our main focus. We care about the impact our business has on the environment and recognise that our customers also share this value. Good stewardship of the environment in which we operate continues to be an everyday focus, from our manufacturing operations overseas to the materials used to produce our chairs.

We have enhanced our ability to make a positive impact on the environment by introducing our ‘Enviro-Leather’ range of bonded leather chairs.

Enviro-Leather is made by bonding tannery leather fibres which would otherwise go into landfills. We use processes to create high quality products using environmentally friendly recycled content.

How is bonded leather made?
Genuine leather cuttings from factories and tanneries are recycled to manufacture an environmentally friendly material.

We have named this innovative leather-fibre material ‘Enviro-Leather’. It is manufactured with specific properties which make it look, feel and even smell like leather.

Another benefit of using Enviro-Leather is it is more durable and hardwearing than natural leather, it is also more cost effective.

Bonded leather is produced in a similar process to paper manufacturing. Leather scraps are dispersed in water and are shredded and milled by special grinders to free the leather fibres. Mixing these fibres with natural latex binders and other additives, a leather fibre pulp is produced.

The pulp is then continuously poured and processed on a web, which is then dried and reduced to a uniform thickness.

The surface is then embossed with a grain to make it look like natural leather and finally a polyurethane coating is applied to give a soft feel and rich colour.

We are proud to be one of the first office seating companies in the UK to introduce the new Enviro-Leather to our range of chairs.