Classroom Chairs

Good Posture For Children

For many years the children in our schools have been seated on a variety of Polypropylene or Wooden chairs, which are manufactured in different styles and sizes. Provided these chairs pass British Standards for strength, stability and safety they are welcomed into our classrooms.

Each manufacturer has their own agenda for their chairs. Some are manufactured to a price, some to a style and others to a best value compromise.

However, none have been manufactured to a European Standard that first and foremost sets out to encourage good posture for our children.

EN 1729 Part 1 is the standard drawn up by the Technical Committee for Europe, CEN/TC207, which now sets chair dimensions, heights, angles and back support contact points for every age group – so as to encourage good posture.

Good posture not only means our children will be healthier – it also means that they should be more comfortable – and therefore more attentive in class.

EN1729 Part 1 supersedes all other standards for chairs used in our classrooms and is the standard to look for. The Titan Chair was the first one piece Polypropylene chair to attain EN1729 Part 1 & 2 Certification.

The benefit of one piece Polypropylene chairs is well documented in terms of their longevity (15 year warranty), comfort and safety in the classroom. With no screws for practical jokers to remove, no sharp edges to cause damage, no metalwork to rust and full EN1729 Certification.

Many chairs will pass EN1729 Part 2 as this only applies to strength and replaces BS4875. The Titan conforms to Part 1 which is based on design for posture.

The Titan Chair is the only chair to offer our children and schools the best of everything.